How do Orcas Ocean Straws help the environment?

Are our straws marine life-friendly?

Orcas Ocean Straws are safe for marine life just as they are safe for us. Our mission is to help the environment by producing paper straws and lessen the use of plastic.

Are our straws biodegradable?

Orcas Ocean Straws are biodegradable and environmentally friendly. They are a great alternative to plastic straws that harm our environment and marine life.

What makes Orcas Ocean Straws so good?

Are our straws FDA approved?

Orcas Ocean Straws are BPA free and uses 100% FDA and food grade approved products when making our paper straws.

How long do our straws hold up in liquids?

Our straws have had numerous in-house testing done, and we have found that they held up to anywhere from 3 hours to 8 hours. They are made to hold for several hours and to last longer than the drink without disintegrating.

Do Orcas Ocean Straws have any known allergens or contain wax or chemical coatings like other straw companies? 

Our straws are all made with uncoated, unwaxed, FDA approved inks, certified glues, and are marine friendly. Our staff wears non-latex gloves while handling any unwrapped straws during all processes. No gluten. No sweeteners.

What does Orcas Ocean Straws offer?

What sizes are offered through Orcas Ocean Straws?

Our current straws are 5.33 mm x 7 ¾ inches and offered in a variety of designs. Milkshake and hot drink straws will be coming soon.

What designs do we offer?

Orcas Ocean Straws offers many designs in many amazing colors to fit any occasion or need. We currently offer plain, dots, stripes, stars, and hearts with many new designs coming daily. Our unprecedented growth and customer repeat order is a testament to our customers and dedication to our product and the environment.

Do you Donate? 

We have several local donation plans, but we will also be rolling out our national Give Back program soon, which will feature our Purple Heart Straws (a portion of sales going to Wounded Veterans), and our Pink Ribbon Straws (for Breast Cancer Awareness Month). We are also available for fundraisers, so please contact us for your individual needs.

Can you make me a custom Design or thickness/length? 

We can, with the minimum quantity ordered. Please call 828-522-1477

Do you sell Pallet quantities?

We got you covered, give us a call 828-522-1477

What is your environmental impact? 

We currently have plans to have our solar panels installed by mid-summer 2020, which will cut our “on-grid” electric use by about 93% average for the year. We already operate state of the art energy-efficient machinery, with all LED lighting, and high-efficiency heat pumps, and efficient water systems.